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And in other news...Avatar Destiny Portal has returned after being offline for two months. :yawnstretch: :woohoo: If some of you remember that survey in June...well, all of the results have been translated into this. :hooray: I really think we should start introducing daily discussions and debates on topics and theories on both Legend-of-Korra and the new discussion forum. What do you think? :hmm: :-?

Avatar Destiny Portal has finally returned from its massive revamp and it's definitely worth checking out and exploring. :nod: There are a few empty spaces here and there ^^; , but most of the empty spaces are to be filled by fans like yourself with discussion, debates and fan art, fan fic or fan video submissions. :)

What’s been going on? :boogie:

:bulletred: Avatar Destiny Portal switched to a new and paid hosting service. This means that, Avatar Destiny Portal’s uptime switched from 90% to 99.9%. You can access ADP anytime you want now! :happycry:
:bulletred:  New design and tons of new pages.
:bulletred:  Someone asked for lore and now we have it (and we’re adding more daily). Everything from the flora in the Avatar universe to the bending gangs in Republic City.
:bulletred:  Membership is officially available.
:bulletred:  New episode pages.
:bulletred:  New forum. Register today and start your own discussions right now. Invite your friends.  
:bulletred:  You can now receive Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender news directly in your inbox.
:bulletred:  If you become an official member of Avatar Destiny Portal, you have full access to our galleries where you can upload anything from fan art to Cosplay photos. We’re currently adding episode screenshots to the gallery as well.
:bulletred:  Send us links to your fan art, fan videos or fan fiction via our new feedback and contact form.
:bulletred:  Weekly freebies and new contests with great prizes. If you become an official member, you will have automatic entry to all our draws.

Why should you join? :boogie:

:bulletblue: It’s free! :meditation:
:bulletblue: Get exclusive access to discussion topics and start your own discussions. :pencil:
:bulletblue: Meet fans from around the world. :pat:
:bulletblue: Share you fan art, fan fiction and fan videos.
:bulletblue: Get the latest news on Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra right in your inbox. :omg:
:bulletblue: Debate your heart out. :nuu:
:bulletblue: Communicate privately with other members.
:bulletblue: Upload images to the Avatar Destiny Portal Gallery and create your own albums.
:bulletblue: Participate in polls.
:bulletblue: Automatically included in all our free giveaways (and weekly freebies)!

How to become a member? :happybounce:

Part one: register here to have your face show up on the main website.
Part two: register here to participate in the forums and have immediate access to the gallery through your forum account.

Note: website and forum registration are two separate accounts. You don’t have to sign up for both to be considered a member. It won’t take a lot of time and it’s completely free with no ads and absolutely no spam.
Thanks and visit us daily for up-to-date news and daily discussions.

:cuddle: :highfive:
Kesra-kyse Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The first link is demanding a password though there isn't a field for one.
BecomingTia Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Is it still demanding a password? That's incredibly strange. Perhaps its simply the social like before entering first time.
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